Heavy Duty Rubber Wear Plates

Rubber Wear Plates are made from a high quality 60 Duro rubber compound specifically designed for high impact & extreme wear resistance. Bonded or hot vulcanized to a 5mm – 10mm thick steel backing plate, wear plates can then be securely fastened using a variety of methods including, self tapping screws, welding or bolting.

Applications for Wear Plates include: chutes, rock boxes, tanks, pipes, trommels, impellors, cells & screen components. Wear plates can be shaped & supplied as per a specific requirement.

Standard SizesOverall gauge of Wear Plate based on a 5mm plate
Size Width x Length 40mm50mm75mm100mm125mm150mm
500mm x 1000mm******
600mm x 1000mm******
750mm x 1000mm******
500mm x 1500mm******
600mm x 1500mm******
750mm x 1000mm******

* denotes that the product is available against order