Beltwall® Flexible Rubber Sidewall High Incline Conveyor Systems


Beltwall® is one of the world’s leading producer of Cross-rigid Corrugated Sidewall Belt. In the Western Hemisphere & Asia, Beltwall has an outstanding record of 100’s of successful bulk handling installations.

Beltwall® Rubber Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belting offers the most advanced conveying concepts in the industry today. The ability to change planes of travel in an extremely short distance and elevate to any angle up to & including 90 degrees allows the conveyor designer a nearly unlimited range of engineering options in the transportation of bulk materials.

Beltwall Flexible Rubber Sidewall Conveyors demand a lower initial investment & offer lower maintenance costs, making them an economical alternative to conventional conveyors & bucket elevators.

We are able to assist you to adapt or modify/extend your existing equipment, as well as undertake routine maintenance, assisting you to maximize the working life & hence return-on-investment of your equipment.

Beltwall Rubber Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor operations.

TPHLift in MTSProduct ConveyedBelt Width MM
150030300mm Gypsum1828
165041Iron Ore Pellets1828
3755150mm Coal1600
41598150mm Limestone1676
35027Wood Chips1524